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About this Journal

Thammasat Review of Economic and Social Policy (TRESP) is a double-blind peer reviewed biannual international journal published in June and December. The journal is managed by the Research Committee under the supervision of the Academic Affairs Division of Faculty of Economics, Thammasat University. Our editorial board and review panel comprise of academicians and practitioners across various areas of economic and social policies. The goal of the journal is to provide up-to-date practical and policy-oriented analysis and assessment of economic and social issues, with particular focus on Asia and the Pacific region. However, research findings from other parts of the world that are relevant to the theme of the journal may be considered.

Upon celebrating its third year of publication, it was announced on 10th January 2020 that TRESP has successfully applied for inclusion in Thailand Citation Index (TCI) database, Tier 2 ( In the evaluation process, 65 out of 114 applied journals passed the criteria. This is a satisfactory start for TRESP, our very young journal. We are very grateful to all our contributors, the boards, the reviewers, the authors and the readers. The editorial team continuously strives to improve the quality of the journal.

Aims & Scopes

Our journal is dedicated to serve as a platform for debate and critical discussion pertaining to the current issues of public policy. The outcome of such research is expected to yield concrete policy implications. Some of the targeted issues include urban and regional socio-economic disparities, ageing society, healthcare, education and welfare policies, environmental and natural resources, local communities, labour migration, productivity, economic and political integration, political economy, macroeconomic instability, trade and investment, fiscal imbalances, decentralisation, gender issues, behavioural economics and regulations; and law and economics. The journal makes its best effort to cater a wide range of audience, including policymakers, practitioners in the public and business sectors, researchers as well as graduate students.

Articles should identify any particular issue concisely, address the problems of the research explicitly and supply sufficient empirical data or strong evidence and substantial argument to support the discussion of policy initiatives asserted by the author(s). Theoretical and applied papers are equally welcome provided their contributions are policy-relevant.

Authors are expected to submit unpublished original work which has not been simultaneously submitted elsewhere. The right, with regards to the acceptance for publication, is reserved for Faculty of Economics, Thammasat University.

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