The Editorial Team

The Thammasat Review of Economic and Social Policy (TRESP) strives to publish research on relevant and up-to-date economic and social issues to contribute to the discussion between academicians and policymakers. To this end, the Editorial Team of TRESP works to reasonably ensure that published articles have been vetted for plagiarism, data manipulation and/or falsification, citation manipulation, authorship manipulation, or any other forms of misconduct. Articles, or parts of articles, which have been found to have any form of academic misconduct at any stage (including post-publication) will be rejected or retracted.

The Editorial Team of TRESP will work to ensure that articles are published free of errors. Any corrections, clarifications or addendums will be published as necessary.

Throughout the review process, the Editorial Team will ensure that the double-blind review process is carried out without bias with regards to the authors or reviewers. Guidance will be provided to both authors and potential peer reviewers throughout the process, and the Editorial Team can be contacted at any point for clarification. Reviewers are chosen with the expectation that they are able to assess the worthiness of an article for publication, and are able to make recommendations free of any conflict of interest.

All research manuscripts submitted to TRESP is considered private and confidential, and must not be used for the personal benefit of any individual part of the review process.


Reviewers are expected to assess the suitability of a manuscript for publication free of any conflict of interest as befits their field of expertise. Reviewers must flag to the Editorial Team any potential conflict of interest discovered during the review process, and must also alert the Editorial Team of any possible instances of academic misconduct. If necessary, reviewers must decline reviewing a manuscript, or withdraw themselves from the process, if they find themselves unable to provide an unbiased assessment.

Reviewers are expected to maintain the confidentiality and privacy of the research, and must not use any information gained as result of the review process for their personal benefit.


Authors must only submit research which the authors are entitled publish. Authors must take all reasonable steps to ensure that their manuscript is free of errors and is formatted to match the style guide provided by the Editorial Team. Authors must make sure that all references are properly cited, and match the citation style indicated by the style guide. By submitting an article to TRESP, authors acknowledge the Submission Guidelines on the TRESP website, and agree to abide by them.

The Submission Guidelines state that “The work must be original, unpublished and not under publication consideration elsewhere. The journal strictly follows zero tolerance policy on plagiarism. The author should acknowledge that TRESP reserves the right to reproduce or distribute the published papers in the hard copy as well as electronic versions.” Any instances of academic misconduct will result in the rejection or retraction of an article.

The authors must assume responsibility for the published research, and acknowledge that publication by TRESP does not indicate endorsement of any views or opinion represented in an article.

Authors must provide accurate and timely acknowledgement of any funding or conflict of interests (financial or otherwise) on submission of a manuscript which may have an impact on the views, results or conclusions presented.

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